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Annabelle Rinehart

Managing Director

Annabelle Rinehart

Managing Director

Annabelle works with companies across a broad range of industries to develop and implement communications programs for complex, multi-stakeholder situations. She often works with companies in regulated industries, such as the healthcare, media, airline and telecommunications sectors, where communications strategies must consider political and regulatory sensitivities to succeed. Her areas of expertise include:

Crisis Communications

She has advised companies in connection with unexpected leadership changes, federal investigations, cyber-security breaches, regulatory actions and environmental accidents. In addition, she has assisted in developing and implementing communications strategies for restructurings and reorganizations as well as provided litigation support. Clients include / have included, Parker Hannifin, American Airlines, Duke Energy, CenturyLink and U.S. Airways.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Notable assignments include the acquisition of DIRECTV by AT&T; the acquisition of Smithfield Foods by Shuanghui International; US Airways in its merger with American Airlines; Lionsgate’s acquisition of Summit Entertainment; The Jones Group in its acquisition by Sycamore Partners; Lionsgate’s defense against Carl Icahn’s unsolicited tender offer; CenturyTel’s acquisition of Embarq Corporation to form CenturyLink; and Eli Lilly’s acquisition of ImClone Systems.

Shareholder Activism

She has extensive experience advising companies in their interactions with activist investors and proxy contests, including DuPont in the planning and execution of its contested shareholder meeting during its proxy contest against Trian Fund; Lionsgate’s proxy contest against Carl Icahn; Alere’s proxy contest against Coppersmith Capital Management; Regis’ proxy contest against Starboard Value; Mentor Graphics’ proxy contest against Carl Icahn; and Amylin Pharmaceuticals’ proxy contest against Carl Icahn and Eastbourne Capital Management.

Public & Investor Relations

She has considerable experience working closely with companies to develop and implement ongoing communications programs.

Event Production

She also has extensive experience in event production, design and management, producing corporate and private events nationally and abroad.

Annabelle rejoined Joele Frank in 2017 after a three-year stint as an independent consultant. She served as a senior communications strategist for the healthcare-specialized firm, In-Site Communications and consulted on multiple projects for Elsen Strategies, Joele Frank and the food-tech startup, Daily Harvest. Annabelle first joined the firm in 2001. She received a BA in art history from Skidmore College.